Date of Event: Sunday, Janury 26, 2020

Time of the Event:
-- Early Start Marathon at 7:00am
(for those needing more than 5 or 6 hours. If you need more than 7 hours, please contact me.)

-- Marathon starts at 8:00 am
-- Half Marathon starts at 9:00 am.

Location of Event: Starts at Woodland Park in Seattle and runs along the Burke-Gilman trail. We will be starting at the restrooms/picinic shelter at Woodland Park. Click here for a map

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO restrooms at the start/finish area (they will be closed for winter). There should be restrooms at Green Lake or at the soccer fields.

Parking: There should be plenty of parking at Woodland Park or Green Lake.

Distances: Marathon and Half Marathon

Entry Fee: This is a "fat ass" event. I'm asking everyone to register for this race, even though it's a free event. This allows me to make sure I make enough bibs and finisher medals. When you register for the race, you can add a donation if you would like (donation will go to cover the costs of the event). Registration now open!

Race Shirt: A short sleeve tech shirt can be purchased for $15. If interested please order when registering before January 6. There may be extra shirts available at the event for purchase for $15 (cash/check only). Shirts will be available in both men's and women's versions.
Here's what the shirt looks like:

Here's a unisex sizing chart: Click Here
Here's a female sizing chart: Click Here

Cap: Since this is a fat ass style event, the event will be capped at 200 runners.

Course: The marathon is a double out-and-back course starting at Woodland Park in Seattle and running down Stone Way to the Burke-Gilman Trail heading west toward Golden Gardens Park. It's not a closed course and runners will be rerquired to obey all traffic laws. You can see a map of the course here: The Half Marathon is a single out-and-back.

Weather: It's January in the Pacific Northwest, what do you expect?! It will likely be cold and possibly wet (or icy and snow). So be prepared.

Aid Station: As a fat ass event, you will be asked to carry your own aid. There will be a copuple of jugs of water placed at the turn around (but no cups) otherwise there will be no aid stations setup on the course, but there is plenty of coffee shops and grocery stores along the course where you may get water or aid as needed. At the start/finish we will have water, Gatorade, chips, cookies, etc.

Awards: Each finisher will recieve a finishers medal.

Ross Comer's photos from 2013:
Ross Comer's photos from 2015:
Ross Comer's photos from 2016:
HammondSouth Photos from 2016: Facebook Album
Ross Comer's photos from 2017:
Ross Comer's photos from 2019:

Race Results
(previously this race went by a few different names until Seattle Locks was chosen in Fall of 2012):

Second Chance Marathon (1/2/11): 2011 results
First Chance Marathon/Half (1/1/12): 2012 results
Seattle Locks Marathon/Half (12/30/12): 2012 results
Seattle Locks Marathon/Half (12/28/13): 2013 marathon results, 2013 half marathon results
Seattle Locks Marathon/Half (1/3/15): 2015 marathon results, 2015 half marathon results
Seattle Locks Marathon/Half (1/1/16): 2016 marathon results, 2016 half marathon results
Seattle Locks Marathon/Half (1/29/17): 2017 marathon results, 2017 half marathon results
Seattle Locks Marathon/Half (1/28/18): 2018 marathon results, 2018 half marathon results
Seattle Locks Marathon/Half (1/27/19): 2019 marathon results, 2019 half marathon results
Seattle Locks Marathon/Half (1/26/20): 2020 marathon results, 2020 half marathon results


Jan 2011: Terry Sentinella (3:14:21), Jessica Bienvenue (4:32:48)
Jan 2012: Kevin Douglas (3:24:26), Ginger Gruber (4:14:50)
Dec 2012: David Pearson (3:41:23), Hope Fox (3:56:20)
Dec 2013: Dane Rauschenberg (3:13:18), Marlene Dandler (3:22:17)
Jan 2015: Sean Celli (3:16:54), Courtney Willson (3:46:02)
Jan 2016: Alex Swenson (3:34:45), Van Phan (3:59:25)
Jan 2017: Alex Swenson (3:24:51), Amanda Hoskins (3:40:50)
Jan 2018: Bill Condon (2:58:06), Diana Hunt (3:39:32)
Jan 2019: John-Paul Wolfe (3:24:25), Kristina Randrup (3:06:55)
Jan 2020: Subhasish Bhattacharya (3:35:26), Jialin Guo (4:25:10)

Male: Bill Condon (2:58:06, 2018)
Female: Kristina Randrup (3:06:55, 2019)

Jan 2012: Eric Jensen (1:32:00), Jennifer Yogi (1:39:22)
Dec 2012: Brock Neighbors (1:43:29), Sheyl Perales (2:01:10)
Dec 2013: Andrew Bryant (1:31:25), Sophia Liu (1:31:33)
Jan 2015: Steve Nelson (1:35:33), Angela Treleven (1:40:37)
Jan 2016: Steve Slaby (1:18:20), Gina Slaby (1:20:16)
Jan 2017: Mic Brisbois (1:35:20), Ariel Gosling (1:44:58)
Jan 2018: Jon Priestman (1:35:01), Eliza Brine (1:46:59)
Jan 2019: Douglas Jordan (1:22:11), Kaleigh Constantine (1:34:12)
Jan 2020: John Darmody II (1:25:42), Kelsey Wong (1:27:31)

Male: Steve Slaby (1:18:20, 2016)
Female: Gina Slaby (1:20:16, 2016)

If you have any questions or comments please contact the race director, Steve Walters. Steve can be contacted at through e-mail at